Bridal Appointment.. the pushy sales assistant when wedding dress shopping

This topic comes up far often than I’d like to see. Personally, I hate, yes it’s a strong word and I mean it, I hate a pushy sales person in any setting. Its unnecessary, it feels desperate and its annoying and can make people feel very uncomfortable.  So why do they do it?! Money! They are more than likely on a basic salary plus commission – the basic salary is generally quite low, so the bulk of their take home pay is based on what they sell. It’s that simple. 

So how do you deal with the pushy sales assistant at your bridal appointment? 

First thing I would recommend is at the start of your bridal appointment simply state that you won’t be buying a dress today – you may have every intention of buying the dress that day, but you don’t need to tell them that! Saying this ahead of time draws a line in the sand and sets out your stall as such and can take the pressure out of the appointment. 

Dont be afraid to say no!

The next thing is be prepared to say no and do it firmly. You are under no obligation to try on anything, if something really doesn’t take your fancy say it! Far too often I hear about brides being railroaded into trying and in some cases even buying something that is just not their style.  A good sales assistant will want ALL feedback. Good and bad..  so, don’t be afraid to say no. Saying no gives more guidance to what you actually do want (even if you’re not sure what you want!) Ruling dresses and styles out help the sales assistant narrow down the choice and you will have better success in locating your style – so don’t be afraid to use the word no. You won’t offend anyone, believe me! It will save time during the appointment. On the flip side of that step out of your comfort zone a small bit. Sometimes you can strike it very lucky with a style you would have never in a million years saw yourself wearing. 

I get messages all the time asking, ‘how will I deal with it on the day because I don’t like confrontation?’ I get this, completely get this. If this is you and you have a hard time saying no, bring that sister/mate/aunt that has ZERO problem with saying.. nope. NEEXXXT! Bring her! Bring that one that can’t ever keep her mouth shut and has little or no filter. Bring her!!  We’ll call her Karen. Let Karen know ahead of time what you’re afraid of and tell to keep her beady eyes wide open. If Karen Is coming to your bridal appointment then she is close to you and knows you well. Tell Karen that if she sees you feeling uncomfortable, stressed or just generally unhappy and not feeling it all then she has completely authorization to GET YOU THE HELL OUT OF THERE!  We all need a Karen in our corner from time to time so bring her and let her take no prisoners.

On the flip side if you are comfortable and have no problem speaking your mind – vocalize how you are feeling. Tell the sales person you’re feeling pressurized and you’re not ready to make a decision and that you need time to think and process.

Feel free to email or chat on insta at any stage. Ill happy give some honest advice and feedback

Thanks for ready

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