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Will you say I do, or wait til it passes?

Covid Weddings In Ireland 

It’s a term that we have gotten so used to over the last few months.. but like any situation there will always be a silver lining for some. While some couples are devastated that their big bash wedding is now compromised with number restrictions and now curfews.. other couples are rushing out to get engaged and get the wedding organized because of the restrictions. Yep you read that right – some couples are playing the restrictions to their advantage and organizing the wedding they actually want. 

As you might know I’m not generally a fan of the fanfare that goes along with all things wedding. Primarily because for some couples it puts them under immense pressure emotionally and financially and no matter what the situation that’s never good or healthy.  Some couples can get so caught up in what they feel they ‘should’ be doing versus what they actually want to do. Some brides get so swept along on other opinions it leaves them miserable and they end up with a wedding plan that they don’t like and isn’t their own. I hear this all too often and its unfair. In my opinion Covid will change that for some people and that’s a good thing. 

So, on the flip side – I put a story out on my Instagram page this week and the responses I got was phenomenal. SO MANY brides are rushing their wedding plans because they can only have 50 people. Restricting their numbers and therefore restricting their costs resulting in the wedding that they actually want to have. I know tradition in Ireland weddings are a big family get together and a big big party but if we are honest weddings can, in some cases, bring out the worst in people. All too often weddings can result in some degree of family arguments adding more pressure to the bride and groom. You know what I’m talking about!

So, with all that said I luckily got chatting to a bride who got married very recently. Herself and her fiancé had the big bash wedding planned. They scrapped it and went for a micro wedding and they don’t regret a single thing.. read on to get a glimpse into a recent covid micro wedding. 

So, what was your original wedding plan?!

Great Southern, 200-250 guest, June 1st. Well my wedding was cancelled earlier on since many of my guests were flying in from US and were not going to be able to indefinitely. We decided to do smaller number when Ireland reopened allowing 50 ppl for a wedding ceremony which I believe was mid-June when they decided that. 

When did you decide to forge ahead with smaller numbers at your wedding and how did you feel?

For us, a big wedding wasn’t our dream wedding we just didn’t want to offend anyone and our list just kept growing from there so this gave us an opportunity to have just family which we enjoyed tremendously. Most of our family are musically inclined and they are all Christians so the atmosphere just flowed. It was like having a Christmas family holiday, it was natural, loving, and we didn’t feel like we were hosting or trying to entertain ppl. It was just family so everyone was able to just relax and enjoy themselves.

Did you find it easy to find a venue?

Airbnb had limited findings for larger groups but we found it shortly after on VRBO. (VRBO offer whole venue hire )

They found Beaufort House in Kerry – pics are incredible!

What was your highlight of your smaller wedding if you can even pick just one 

My favourite moment was worship in the living room with the whole family and everyone singing happy birthday to my grandma during the reception.

That’s just a snapshot inside a micro wedding and some pics below. I love the description of the brides favourite moment and I doubt that close family moment would have happened the same if the big wedding went ahead.

I completely understand and appreciate that the big wedding day is a dream for a lot of people and the restrictions at the moment seem to go against that. My advice would be just give the smaller wedding some thought. Exploring venues, put a list together and compare budgets. Talking through a micro weddings won’t cost anything but a bit of time and consideration. I know at first it can seem like the end of the world it just might not be.

Mags x



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