Your wedding is fast approaching, and you have no wedding dress.. Bridal stores are closed, and you can’t confirm any try on appointments. Is it really possible to buy a wedding dress on line? Or maybe you’re like me and just don’t like traipsing around the shops looking at every dress and outfit only to come back to the very first one. Whatever the reason i’ve devised some helpful tips to try and identify your bridal style from the comfort of your own home. 

Why are wedding dresses sizes small ?

When a bride starts out trying to find a dream wedding dress a few questions, or in a lot of cases, a few fears arise.

What kind of wedding dress will suit me?

What type of dress is right for my body shape?

What size are wedding dress samples?

Why are wedding dresses so small?

If you’re a bride reading this, and all of these questions and fears are coming up for you.. its normal! In an earlier blog post i’ve covered some information on what style of dress may be suitable for ladies with a fuller bust. You can catch the details here

Step 1! Finding that dream wedding dress style

What I encourage any bride to do is start pinning! Pinterest, google and just about any other stream of bridal content is your best friend right now. On the first round save any picture you love. Whether its wedding dresses with sleeves, big wedding dresses or maybe it’s the colour that catches your eye or perhaps it’s a stunning back detail that makes your jaw drop. No matter what it is save it to a folder on your phone and keep adding to it for a few days. It can get overwhelming as there are so many styles of wedding dresses online – so if you find you’re getting confused by styles take a few days break from it and come back with a fresh view. Try to get it to about 7 or 8 pics. Feel free to send me this collection of pictures and I can help go through them with you. Normally when a bride sends me this collection of pics I can spot a trend straight away!

Step 2! Take a closer look at your own wardrobe

Next thing I would encourage you to do is examine your own wardrobe. You might feel that you know what’s in there, but this step is crucial. Look back on pictures of yourself when you were really glammed up, other weddings and days/nights out when you really dressed up! What kind of style did you go for – v neck, round neck, sleeves, strappy, cap-sleeve, A-line skirt, swing or peplum? A large percentage of the time there’s a theme running through your previous picks and 9 times out of 10 you won’t have realized that! Once you look at your wardrobe objectively these things become apparent. Even wedding shopping aside – it’s a good tip for fashion and shopping in general.  

The style that you are identifying at this point is what you have gravitated towards in the past. Its styles you have opted for and been comfortable in on previous occasions. So, if you’re at the point where you have to make a decision on a dress style and potentially buy your wedding dress on line, then this is important information to consider. If you previously go for a cap sleeve or thick strap then a spaghetti strap wedding dress might not be your safest option. In these times it can be safer to stick to what you know. 

Step 3! Start the process of eliminating..

Now with this world of information on your particular dress style go back through all of the bridal dress pics you saved with the intention of eliminating now what doesn’t fit the bill. Hopefully you will be left with 2 -3 pics and have more of an idea of what your style actually is. On most occasions there will be a theme running through the dresses. It might be that of a cap sleeve wedding dress, a simple wedding dress or a collection of dresses with pearls and lace! I can generally spot a underlying theme even if youre not sure yourself. Of course, this isn’t fool proof and some ladies just don’t do dresses. That’s cool too – get in touch over email or what’s app and we can try another way to find your style. 

Try on a wedding dress at home

Also not to forget I have a sample service available whereby I can send some dresses direct to your doorstep and you can try them on at home

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