Your Bespoke Wedding Look

Irish bride wearing a wedding dress and statement pink bow in Dublin.

Discover a World of Unique Style Exclusively for You

Experience the epitome of luxury with our collection, where customization knows no bounds. Let us bring your vision to life with a design that is truly one of a kind, elevating your presence with unparalleled sophistication and unmatched confidence.

Our Bespoke Bridal Process includes

  • A creative and personal one to one consultation to guide you towards finding your ideal look in our private studio.

  • Access to over 70 carefully curated pieces in our studio to try on

  • Providing you with flexible options to consider before fully deciding

  • We don’t rush our brides through this process as we want you to be fully confident with your choice. Our brides make their choice because its the right one for them.

  • Our fabrics are carefully sourced and chosen based on their exceptional quality and adaptability and range.

  • Prices range from €1000 - €3000 and we will also guide you towards your budget throughout the process

  • Lead times are usually 8 months however rush orders can be accommodated at times.

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