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You might have guessed like to do things a little different from the typical bridal shop! When it comes to sizing I also do things a little different. A few questions that I am asked all the time is do I stock plus size wedding dresses and do I stock petite wedding dresses and the answer is yes.

Each item is available in your size!

I don’t have set sizing for my collections. Instead we work off each individual measurements to make each piece.

Every dress, top, or piece of my collections comes in YOUR size. Whether that’s a size 6 or 28 everything is available in every size. I don’t believe in items only being available in certain sizes. That’s pretty ridiculous in todays world!

Every piece of the collection is available in every size!

In my bridal studio in Dublin I carry a range of sizes from 6 to approx. 22. I am working to constantly increase the number of sizes I carry and to give more wedding dress options for every size range.

When we make we err on the side of caution and go slightly bigger and longer. There are a number of reasons why we do this. The main reason being is to control costs of your wedding dress and to offer a reasonable and affordable cost for your wedding dress. If we are to make an item to fit you perfectly to your body we would need to measure you a number of times during fabrication. While this is possible it drives up the overall cost. Offering an affordable cost for your wedding outfit is the reason I started the business and something Im very very passionate about! So my business is built on that model. I measure once and the item is made to that measurement erring on the high side. Therefore when you receive your item you will need alterations. This is a fundamental part of the process and ensures that when you wear your item that it is moulded to your body specifically. 

Its important to note that when you try your out fit on for the first time at my studio it will not fit correctly. Alterations will be needed. If you are unsure about this part please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you might have. No question is small or not important.  I make a number of recommendations for excellent dress makers that can make the final tweaks to ensure your dress fits like a glove!

Time is also a major factor. I am conscious that for brides today their time is precious. While the thought of going shopping or going for many wedding dress fittings can seem like an amazing way to spend a Saturday.. in reality our time is limited and this can become more of a headache than anything. So to control the time spent we measure once during your bridal appt and work off those measurements. We find it easier then to allow a margin and to finalise the fit during the wedding dress alterations process. My experience tells me that this is the best, most cost effective and time efficient way to shop for your wedding dress.

 With regards to waste I try to be as conscious as I can. We make only what we need and as close to the size that we need. We do this to minimize waste and impact on the environment. It’s a small step but every little step counts. Im striving to make further improvements where I can.

Feel free to message me and chat about your wedding dress !

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