The process

The Process!

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First thing is to take a breath!

I know for some brides it can feel like the biggest mountain to climb and can feel quite overwhelming. How do you actually pick your wedding outfit?! We get it! So rest assured you’re in expert hands. There is no right way or wrong way to pick your wedding outfit. Often, it’s a process of elimination and there’s not always tears!

That Bridal Appointment

So your appointment with Mizz Rio rolls around and you’re a mix of nerves, dread, excitement in equal measures. All of these feelings are completely normal and felt by every bride prior to their appointment. Whether you’re coming alone, with a best friend or a group (not really recommended – we will cover this another time) our appointment is structured the same.


The Nitty Gritty


Complete Privacy

You step into the bridal studio and we sit and chat for a few minutes – to let you catch your breath and take in the surroundings. We chat about your wedding with regards to date, location, size, style etc and any other bits of relevant information about your wedding dress dreams. The studio is a private studio and we host one appointment at a time so you have complete privacy.

We chat about how you see your day going – will you be first on the dance floor and the last off?! Or are you happy perched at the bar looking fabulous?! Whatever the answer is your wedding dress or outfit has to perform the way you want and need it to on the day without restriction. We will give you honest feedback and the good and bad points of each element of a wedding dress or outfit so you can make informed decisions.


Sample Wedding Dress Sizing

The next steps is going through your Pinterest board – if you have one. Some brides to be are super organised for the wedding dress shopping experience and have boards labelled and folders on their phone. Others just have a handful of screenshots – both are fine ! This is an important step for many many reasons – one of which is it gives us a peak inside your mind to see what you gravitate to from an aesthetic perspective. This will give us a starting point for when we begin trying on each wedding dress / outfit.

So in my studio I have endless wedding dresses, wedding jumpsuits and wedding separates to try on. The size of these samples range from size 8/10 – 26  The samples in the studio are just to show you what’s possible… and ladies anything is possible!! Often a bride to be will come in and fall in love with a piece just as it is and that’s cool. Other times a bride will want to tweak an item to suit her body and her needs – that’s cool too. Whatever works for you is what we focus on – as above there is no right or wrong way to shop for a wedding dress. Every bride is different and so we work to find what works for you.


Trying On A wedding Dress!

Once we have an idea of what suits we then pull some cool wedding looks that we think matches your style – and we also will pull some looks that we feel could work for you. What we ask you to focus on at this time is the shape – the shape of the outfit is the most important factor for us at this time. What we want you to feel is unstoppable, fierce and feeling the most confident on your wedding day. To do that you have to be 1000% comfortable in what you’re wearing and that it’s accentuating your body and bringing out the best. So we do ask that you trust this part of the process and go with it!


Your Homework!

When we begin to try on some different wedding looks – you will know very quickly what you like on your body and what you don’t. Even though you might not feel like that right now – we promise in the moment you will become very decisive. We work through each outfit asking lots of questions along the way about your wedding, how you feel in certain outfits etc. Sometimes we will revisit the first look at the end as you’re more relaxed at that point and can take in the information better.

We will arrive at a couple of different looks for your wedding day. I’ll go into more detail on an Instagram live in November. At this point, if you’re happy to do so, we take your measurements and all details of the order and record them on file . Then you’re sent home with some homework to do!


You Wont pay a deposit on the day

We will not take any deposit from you on the day. Even if you’re 100% sure it’s the wedding dress for you, we still will send you home with homework to make sure we have captured everything in the outfit that you want. If you’re going to have an item made for you.. make sure it has everything. Leave no stone unturned!

Also, we feel its such a big decision to make and such a big spend. You need to have some time to process the appointment in your mind and let a few days pass letting the information settle before making the final decision on your wedding dress.

Then if you decide to proceed with an order we can organise it over email and phone and there is no need to travel back to the studio. Of course you can if you wish come back and retry – but you don’t have to.

Once we progress to deposit stage your order is then queued for production. Once the outfit is in production you will receive updates with pictures and videos via what’s app as your wedding dress is being made. The approximate delviery time is between 6 to 8 months. Sometimes an item can be delivered much sooner however its wise to work on an 8 month turnaround


If people dont see your vision dont worry!

One thing to please remember no 2 brides are the same. What might have worked for your friend, sister or work colleague might not work for you. Also if you are thinking along the lines of something a little different to traditional and your friends and family aren’t getting on board – don’t worry about it. This is generally driven by the fact that they just don’t have a vision of it. Follow your heart and don’t disappoint yourself on the day. When you’re taking the outfit off that night make sure you feel.. yep, I did it my way!

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