HELP! My wedding dress doesn’t fit!

alternative blue wedding dress

My Wedding dress wont close!

This is a reality that a lot of brides are facing and really just alot of people in general. So you’re not alone! Covid lockdowns have had such an impact on our mental and physical well being so be kind to yourself. You’re surviving a pandemic!

You have Options !

So what can you do if you find your wedding dress wont close or its too tight?! All is not lost and you do have options. So just take a breath.

I couldn’t count the number of brides that have come to me over the past 12 months looking to buy a new dress. When we start chatting and I learn that they already have a dress.. we back up the conversation and start again. Buying a new wedding dress is not always financially feasible, not always the best option and should be a last resort.

alternative wedding dress
Short wedding dress Dublin

Bridal alterations

Often when a bride tries the dress on and it wont close.. you begin to panic as it feels theres no solution. Stop.. take a breath and calm. With my own dresses we allow for appox 3 inches of fabric concealed within the dress. In each seem and at the zipper there will be an allowance of fabric to accommodate if the dress needs to be let out to gain a size. A lot of bridal designers are opting to include up to 1” of concealed fabric. So this is your first port of call – check this with the company carrying out your bridal alterations. If you don’t have someone get in touch via our home page and we can make a recommendations based on your location.


take A breath

The second thing to consider is adding a panel or whats called a gusset of fabric to the seam area of the dress. In order to do this your seamstress will need matching fabric to allow for the alteration here to blend in. So, if you find that a lot of fabric needs to come off the length of the dress – youre in luck! If theres not much to come off the length and you cannot locate the exact fabric be open to suggestions for alternative fabrics. They may not be an exact match but sometimes its situations like these that end up being the best thing ever. So just keep an open mind. If the back has a zip it may be the best option to change this zip into a corset style wedding dress to give the most room possible in the dress. The first thing I would recommend is to relax and take a breath. Make an appointment with your alterations person and take the dress along to the appointment. Go with an open mind and listen to any of the suggestions they make. On occasion there is no fix for the dress but definitely try the above steps before contemplating paying out for a new dress. Money is hard earned and im sure you could do with a lovely pair of designer shoes instead of a second dress 🙂

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