Collabs and future plans!

In 2015, I started my business focusing on creating unique bridal wear for brides who want something different, whether it's a modern white or ivory silhouette or a colorful ensemble. What matters most is staying true to yourself and what you love, regardless of the outfit color.

In my opinion, wedding planning can feel like being on a speeding train, with couples often following a traditional path without questioning why certain elements are included. My goal is to offer options and let you choose what resonates with you.

This year, we have an exciting project in the works to elevate your bridal look by collaborating with Something Blue Studio. Bridal fashion today should reflect your personality and break away from traditional norms for a more personalized experience.

I am currently working on opening a brand new studio soon, which involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work like rewiring and refurbishing before the fun part of decorating. The studio launch will also introduce Til Death, a new slow fashion label focusing on unique and versatile pieces that can be styled and worn for a lifetime.

Although bridal wear remains my passion, the overwhelming support for expanding into other styles has inspired me to answer that call. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. Thank you for the continued support.
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