Dresses Arent My Thing. Can
You Help Me Pick A Style?

This is a common thing among brides today, So if this is where you're at rest assured its a pretty normal thing. So in short - yes - ill help and guide you through the process so that we find a
wedding dress or an outfit that your comfortable in, its weddingy and you look amazing.

Can I Come To My Appointment On My Own?

Yes! A high enough percentage nowadays shop alone for their wedding dress. Shopping alone first of all makes sure that you can hear your own thoughts and have time to process what you like before others offer their opinion.

Can You Make A Black Wedding Dress Or A Blue Wedding Dress Or Any Other Colour?

10000% yes. I love colour and for 2023 and beyond we are going to see so much more colour and alternative style wedding dresses. So yes.. book in and lets get cracking!!


Im Not Based In Ireland - Can You Still Help Me?

Yes absolutely. We can liaise over emails and zoom. My dresses have been shipped all over the world!

Can I Design My Own Wedding Dress?

You can for sure. I offer a design consultation during your appointment. During this appointment we will work through your ideas. Ill guide you on whats possible and give my honest opinion along the way.

Can One Of Your Own Designs Be Changed To Suit My Body?

Yes! My collection can be customized to suit you. We can make any changes you want or need to make.

What Size Should I Order?

Once a dress or outfit has been decided we then move to take measurements of your body. We try and be as precise as we can. The outfit is made based on these measurements but always
with some extra give. Therefore normal wedding alterations will be needed. These alterations happen within a very short time of your wedding date. This is
when your body is least likely to change.

What Happens If I Lose/Gain
Weight And The Dress Doesn't Fit?

It happens regularly and although it can feel like the end of the world if the dress is too big or too small - it can be overcome the vast majority of the time. If an outfit is too big, alterations are a normal part of the process. If the dress is too small alot of the time there is a fix so dont panic! Send me a message if this is something youre struggling with.


How Soon Should I Order My Wedding Dress?

We need 8 months lead in
time. My advice is always if you are sure on your style and are financially able to commit order as soon as possible. In the run up to your wedding time will never go as fast!