It works for me..

It works for me..


And just like that we are back to Monday morning.

Its just after 11am and im grabbing a coffee and a catch up with you guys before getting into the next bit of work I have planned.

The last couple of weeks ive been working hard on my morning routine. Ill not get too smug about it as it could fall on its face at any minute, but ill give you a rundown on whats working for me right now. I think definitely my summer and winter routines differ greatly. I loooove the sun and I love heat – I still never understand why I never moved to a hotter country years ago!

With that said im taking advantage of the bright summer mornings. I’m up just before 6 and I get on my bike – I had been promising myself a spin bike for months and eventually got round to it. 70e on adverts so you cant really go wrong. I get my spinning done, lunches made, coffee and answer some emails before the kids wake. Kinda feels like I get a head start – don’t be fooled though. Im dragging myself out of bed before 6 but im definitely feeling the better for it. Ill carry it into this week again and just plan my mornings more consciously. Like everyone ive a lot to get done each day and this just makes me feel organized.

During the day lately im finding im getting so distracted and finding it hard to concentrate so I heard a little tip on a podcast and have decided to give it a try. So I’ve all notifications off on my phone – everything is off. So ill look at each app/whats app/email etc when ive got the time to. The freedom is unparalleled – rather than having your phone beep every few mins there’s nothing. I would highly recommend giving it a try. When you check the settings on your phone you’ll be surprised how many apps can push notifications through to you – and most notifications are trying to sell you something.  Its definitely working for me and im finding I can get my stuff done without interruption. I can’t really see myself going back the other way to be honest.

So this week is mostly finishing off the samples for the new collection and im planning a buying trip for late September so really looking forward to that. I cant reveal where just yet but its somewhere that ive only ever dreamed of going!! 

I still haven’t managed to pick up a copy of I DO, I DO, I DO magazine where we featured on the cover. So im dying to get my hands on that! I saw a snippet of an article where it described my bridal collection as powerful and iconic – and I still cant get my head around that!! But I love it!!

That’s it for now, let me know if you try the no notifications thing and if it works for you

Mags x


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