New drop and noodles

New drop and noodles

Back to Monday and the weather has taken a dismal turn. I just love warm weather and feel so much more productive when the sun is shining.

Right now its Monday avo – have had a busy morning so far with phone consults and unpacking deliveries. Also have finalised the last courier for the samples to arrive ahead of the shoot on 26th  - which will be the latest drop. There is so much admin and paperwork that goes on behind the scenes and im still pretty much a one woman show.  

With the new drop imminent Im at that point where now im questioning my choices and everything about my life. I remember with Chloe – opening the delivery box and seeing a little glimpse of the fabric and thought what the F have I done!! But the initial thought was completely wrong and it’s a loved and beloved dress since the moment it was launched, but there always that little niggle of fear! Its there because im passionate about what I do and what I offer. We were the first in Ireland to offer such an array of colours and fabrics and we’ll continue leading the charge and keep pushing forward.

The next drop is actually quite big and im not even sure we will get it covered in the one shoot day. There’s so much contained within it. Jumpsuits, suits, separates, sequins and lots of cool add ons. Im excited for you guys to see it but also terrified!!  With this drop about to take flight my thoughts are going to the next one and wanting to organise a buying trip to India. The fabrics, colours and capabilities are endless and its something I really want to explore and I want to keep pushing to the next level. I have a supplier there that ive used and want to set up factory visits and go to markets to source fabric.

Someone asked me recently if I was proud of what ive achieved and I definitely am, but there’s always more to give and more to come. The answer I gave was im barely getting going. So many ideas, so many things I want to achieve but there are only so many hours in the day and at the moment with 2 of my 3 children still quite young its difficult. I find working from home a bit of  a challenge as well lately. Although theres massive benefits I feel a little lazy sometimes if I haven’t left the house. I may have gotten tonnes of work done, but just don’t FEEL like I have. Im sure theres a name for that..?!  

I had said I was working hard on the morning routine and for the past 4 weeks ive been up at 6 and on the bike spinning in the garden- I post it on stories more for me and to keep me accountable. Its not bragging but making myself show up for myself.  Honestly.. it’s the best thing ever. Yes its hard getting out of bed but once im on the bike it’s a sense of achievement already. Try it if you can and see if you can sustain it. I know feeling now if I slept past 6am id feel behind for the day so im determined to make the habit stick.

There’s no news of a glam nature this week, well there’s never really much of that! The hard reality of running your own business is that it’s a juggle and a struggle like we all face. While id love to say its all photoshoots and make up the reality is im trying to finish this blog while one is asking for crackers and the other is asking for noodles.

Until next time x


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