Im Not A Dress Kinda Gal



I haven’t a clue what will suit me – I’m not a dress kinda girl – will I know it’s the one – what if I don’t find anything – what if it doesn’t fit me….

Sound familiar ?! I could go on and on with similar questions and I want to tell you that every question is normal. Because let’s face it you’ve probably never bought a wedding dress before and you don’t really know what it feels like to wear a dress like that and you don’t know what to expect at your bridal appointment. AMIRIGHT?! 

My ethos when helping a bride is based on 2 things. 

It has to be a dress that you wake up that morning and cannot wait to get into

You have to be able to put the dress on and then go have the time of your life and not worry or fuss over it in any way shape or form

So How Do You Find The One?!

You will never know what style suits you until you start putting wedding dresses on your body. There is no other way. You can research Pinterest till the cows come home but its only when it’s on your body will you have any idea how you feel about it. Some brides can tend to do a lot of research beforehand and create Pinterest/mood boards with tones of styles and colours. Other brides can be the complete opposite and put off even thinking about it because they are so unsure of what they want. Again.. it’s all perfectly normal. There is no right or wrong way and there is no shortcut you just have to bite the bullet and go to your first appointment. 

What I would recommend is to research some shops and see if you like their style and vibe and if they make you feel comfortable. Check out their social media and see if you like their tone. If you get a nice feeling from your interaction booking your appointment more than likely your bridal appointment will be enjoyable – even though you might be dreading it! Examine your own wardrobe and see what style necklines do you gravitate towards, what style skirts etc. You will see a trend throughout your wardrobe on what style and cut you like, even though you might not be directly aware of it at first. Once you start actually putting some dresses on you will know very quickly what you like and what you don’t like, and it will help you narrow your search. 


Feeling Anxious About Wedding Dress Shopping?

If you’re comfortable to do so, message the shop ahead of time with any fears or concerns you might have. There are some quite snooty bridal shops but equally there are some bridal shops that want to make you happy and want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. So, the more info and feedback you can give the better we can help you. So, in short there is no quick fix or easy solution you just have to start putting each dress on. 

For those brides to be that are typically not a dress kind of girl – I understand that you will be feeling immense pressure and possibly anxiety at the thought of wedding dress shopping. Similar to above it is normal and there is no quick fix I’m afraid. But again, and ladies I promise, once you begin the process you will find quickly what you like and what you don’t like, and it will keep narrowing the search. 

During your bridal appointment ask can you take some pictures of each dress on you. I know a lot of shops don’t let you do this… I can never figure out why! I mean you can find any image of any dress online, so it doesn’t make sense to prevent you doing it whilst you contemplate spending a lot of money with them?! I love to see brides taking pictures. I honestly feel that you can see things very differently in a picture. Also, if a bride is undecided on style I would recommend taking as many pictures as possible. The picture you keep coming back to is the dress for you. It can really help in the hours/days after a bridal appointment if you are unsure of which wedding dress to pick. If you find you are more flustered after your bridal appointment. Take a break, let the info settle and then in another couple of weeks try again.

I know I say it all the time and its worth mentioning again – you won’t necessarily burst into tears at ‘the one’. I’m a firm believer in how the dress makes you feel. If you feel good, confident and excited then you’re onto a winner the tears dont always happen.

If you are unsure or want any help – hit that WhatsApp icon and send me a message.



Mags x 




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