What kind of wedding dress should an older bride wear?!

What kind of wedding dress should an older bride wear?!

I’m an older bride. What do I wear?!

Ok first things first.. we need to retire the phrase ‘older bride’

There are no rules for when and if you should get married so don’t accept or expect the term older bride. Its your wedding day no matter whether your 30 or 60.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know im not a massive fan of the bridal industry overall. Its geared a lot in most parts to a 25 yr old bride and its structured for pressure – if you don’t buy this dress now we wont have it in your size any more.. blah blah blah. Not all bridal stores are guilty of this naturally but I hear more negative stories than I do positive.

My studio appointments are a process. We go on a collaborative journey to find what works for you. Often a bride will question herself on what suits her body.. but you do know what suits you and what your comfortable in so we play to those strengths – age just doesn’t feature as an important factor. Regardless of age its your wedding day and that’s what matters.

Our offering is built around each bride and whats important to her. Yes we have full collections in studio that you can pick something and fall in love with the piece as it is or we design something specifically for you and your day.

We work on getting the basic outline of the look right for your body and your comfort zone, then we layer up from there. Its often said to me that you’ll know what looks good on me.. and yes I do know that however you also know that because you’ve been dressing yourself for years and you know what you like the look of on your body. So whether you book an appointment with me or another bridal studio don’t discount your own thoughts and what you know to be true.

So in answer to what should any bride wear? She should wear something that speaks to her, have the freedom to control each aspect of the look and feel her most confident in it. There are no right or wrong answers. During your appointment with me I will be 100% honest and if I feel something doesn’t work or we can improve it ill say it – I want you, as my bride, to absolutely kill it on your wedding day.. not just look ‘nice’. I want you to walk down that aisle head held high knowing and feeling it deep down that you look fierce and confidence is at an all time high. That’s our ultimate goal. You should be excited about your look, cant wait to get dressed that morning, cant wait for people to see you and then just not want to take it off!

When I decided to enter the world of bridal design I did so on the basis that I would do bridal and I would do it quite different. From the appointment stage to the final looks and I wanted to make each look attainable for everyone with no age or size limitations.. and we’re doing it every single day!

If you’ve any questions or want to chat before booking an appointment please feel free to reach out at any time through email, phone or socials.

Chat soon

Mags x

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