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Sparkle Jane | High Neck Low Back Bridal Top

Sparkle Jane | High Neck Low Back Bridal Top

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#Introducing our High Neck Low Back Bridal Top, a captivating and unique piece designed to make a statement on your special day. Crafted from luxurious sequin champagne fabric, this top combines modern elegance with a touch of vintage-inspired charm.

**Glistening Sequin Elegance:**
This bridal top is adorned with sequin champagne fabric that sparkles with every move you make. The subtle champagne hue adds warmth and sophistication to your bridal ensemble while the sequins catch the light, creating a breathtaking shimmer.

**High Neck Drama:**
The high neck design exudes refinement and sophistication, offering a timeless touch to your bridal look. It frames your face beautifully, drawing attention to your radiant smile and creating an air of regal elegance.

**Low Back Allure:**
Turn heads as you walk down the aisle with the top's dramatic low back. The open back adds a hint of sensuality and drama, ensuring you make a captivating impression from every angle. It's the perfect balance of modesty and allure.

**Puff Shoulder Long Sleeves:**
The long sleeves of this top feature a stylish puff shoulder detail that adds a touch of vintage-inspired charm and contemporary flair. It's a unique combination that sets you apart as a modern bride with a love for classic elegance.

**Customized Bridal Style:**
This bridal top is a versatile canvas for your unique bridal vision. Pair it with a voluminous ballgown skirt for a classic princess look, or combine it with a sleek, tailored bottom for a more contemporary and chic ensemble. Its adaptability allows you to express your unique style effortlessly.

**Timeless Beauty:**
With its classic silhouette and contemporary features, this bridal top embodies timeless beauty, ensuring it remains cherished in your wedding memories and photographs for years to come.

**Celebrate Love with Style:**
For the bride who seeks to make a statement and celebrate love in style, our High Neck Low Back Bridal Top is the epitome of your bridal dreams. It represents your unique journey of love with flair and elegance 

Sparkle Jane also works beautifully with cropped trousers, our wide leg 70's pant and a form fitting mermaid style skirt.

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