The Non-Traditional Bride

The Non-Traditional Bride

When it comes to planning your wedding day, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start!  Traditional weddings tend to follow a set formula and can look very samey, but what if you want to break the mold a little and opt for an alternative wedding look? Here is a quick rundown on just some benefits of choosing an alternative wedding look for your big day!


  1. Stand Out from the Crowd


If you're a bride or groom who wants to make a statement on your wedding day, an alternative look is a definitely one way to do it. Whether you're inspired by gothic fashion, 1970s bohemian vibes, or even a more modern and edgy look, choosing something that deviates from tradition can help you feel more like yourself on your big day. Afterall it is YOUR day – the only rules you need to follow are the rules you set for yourself!


  1. More Creative Freedom


When you're not restricted by tradition, you have more room to get creative with your wedding look and experiment!  This could mean anything from incorporating unusual accessories, to playing with colors and textures that wouldn't typically be associated with weddings. This freedom can lead to a truly unique look just for you and make your day more memorable.


  1. Embrace Your Personal Style


Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a person, and that includes your personal style. If you're someone who loves wearing black, for example, there's no reason why you can't incorporate that into your wedding look. An alternative wedding look allows you to fully embrace your personal style and make your wedding day feel like a true expression of who you are. You have to feel yourself on the day – so if a white dress is something that doesn’t appeal to you – then look beyond it!


  1. Incorporate Your Interests


Perhaps you and your partner share a love for punk rock music, or motorcycle riding, or something entirely different. An alternative wedding look allows you to incorporate those interests into your wedding day in a way that feels natural and authentic. You can weave your passions into your wedding day seamlessly, without feeling like you're trying to fit them into a traditional mold. When a couple decides to this – they really share who they are as individuals and as a couple.


  1. Break Tradition in Your Own Way


If you're someone who wants to break tradition, but still wants to have a wedding day that feels special and meaningful, an alternative wedding look can be the perfect compromise. You don't have to stick to the usual white dress and tuxedo - instead, you can put together a look that represents you and your partner, and that feels like a true celebration of your love.


From a sustainability perspective having an alternative wedding look increases the likelihood of you actually re-wearing it at different opportunities after your wedding day. We encourage each bride to think outside the usual wedding dress box and opt to alter and re-wear again and again.

In conclusion, opting for an alternative wedding look can bring a whole host of benefits to your big day, particularly if you're getting married in Ireland. From embracing your personal style to incorporating your interests, there are countless ways to make your wedding day feel like you. So if you're considering an alternative wedding look, don't be afraid to go for it - the results can be truly stunning.


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