Worried About Wedding Dress Shopping?

If you’re finding yourself worrying about wedding dress shopping we are here to tell you those feelings are normal and you’re definitely not alone. How wedding dress shopping is portrayed in the media has alot to do with how we ‘think’ a bridal appointment should go. In alot of ways whats portrayed in the media couldnt be farther from what actually happens. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. If it feels right for you then it IS right. For some brides the say yes to the dress moment is the glitter dreams are made of.. for others its literally a nightmare. 

Our Bridal Appointments Are A Little Different

A large percentage of our brides come to the bridal appointment on their own. It gives the bride a chance to hear her own voice and learn first off how she feels about particular dresses or looks. Bringing a close friend or family member can offer support also. We advise not to bring a large group to your bridal appointment as in our experience the brides voice can get lost and she will be inadvertantly influenced. 

“We empower each bride to be her own kind of queen”

There’s no quick fix so you just have to jump straight in and get your first appointment booked. We fully understand that each bride can be very nervous at the outset of her appointment so we take it slow with zero pressure. We operate on one appointment at a time basis. So you have complete privacy. We promise that you will enjoy the appointment and leave our studio feeling excited about your wedding look. You can learn more about the process by reaching out to us on email at mizzriobride@gmail.com




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