Wedding Dress for a bigger bust

Wedding Dress for a bigger bust

Wedding Dress Shopping In Dublin

One thing that all brides want to make sure of and that’s always.. will the dress suit me? Body shape and type will inevitably come into the equation…and lets stop there for a minute. It’s your wedding and it is your day and you can wear whatever you want. End of story. If that’s a short dress, a black dress, a white traditional style dress, purple with yellow spots.. anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant. If you love it then you wear it! Will it be to everyones taste? Course not, but you’ll have the biggest smile on your face that’s coming from within and that part is priceless. Whether the dress costs 10euro or 10,000euro – you can’t fake that feeling.


What Style Wedding Dress Will Suit My Body?

You know your own body shape better than anyone. No matter how much ‘experience’ any one has in the bridal industry you are the one best placed to determine what you are comfortable in.

Although you may not be aware of the style you want, believe me when I say the MINUTE you try on something and you’re comfortable in it, you’ll know in an instant. So, don’t worry if you’re feeling that you’ll never know what suits you.. trust me you will.

So just remember your own style and keep what you know about your own body front and centre in your mind. Yes, be open to trying different styles – sometimes that’s literally when gold is struck – but don’t discount your gut feeling. In some cases, with bridal stores the assistant is not interested in your dress. It’s sad but it’s the truth. Some sales assistants take their job so seriously and give their heart and soul to finding the perfect dress for a bride. Others are well.. sales assistants. They want to make a sale.

There are countless stories and feedback from brides to be ending up with something entirely not suitable, something they don’t even like, and the worst part is their confidence getting a knock because of the experience. If you’re a strong minded and confident woman reading this thinking.. nah that won’t happen to me.. think again. People have parted with hundreds – non-refundable hundreds – in bridal stores. The fact is some – and I do say just some – are geared and structured to create a panic buy situation.  You will hear things like.

The fabric is going out of stock

Oh, that one is being discontinued next week

In some cases, it might be true, but in a lot of cases it’s to create a shortage of supply in your mind making you want to buy it right there and then, so you don’t miss out. FOMO at its best and its most expensive. Its basic business of supply and demand. If someone thinks there is little supply of something human nature makes us want it more. So, a very long-winded way of saying listen to your own thoughts and your gut feeling. If it’s a dress that you adore but you’re not ready to make a decision my best advice is don’t buy it or put down a deposit unlesss you’re sure.  

If its the right one for you it wont pass you by! 

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